4 Benefits of Reusable Shopping Bags

The term going green is something that has echoed through toe structures of social communities worldwide, but it remains a problem that is far from solution. Our environment is in a steady decline even with these efforts, which makes the value behind information all the more important.

 Going green has values from a cost perspective, sure, but the most important value is the emphasis placed on saving the environment and contributing toward the world we live in. There are many benefits that are achieved through green practices, and here are a few benefits that can be achieved by using reusable shopping bags:


There are several horrific incidents that can be mentioned about how discarded plastic bags can impact wildlife. Whether it’s the friendly bird that encounters it, or marine animal that ingests some of it while looking for daily meals, it comes down to statistics. Yearly, 100,000 creatures are killed on account of plastic bags. The stories could be painted out to spread heartbreak, but the number should bring that emotion to a tip on its own. By using reusable shopping bags a direct prevention can be put into effect to protect this wildlife that in any other circumstance the world views as beautiful and natural.

Natural Resource Expense

Natural resources are a valuable commodity, especially when they are non-renewable and stand as something that we have until there is simply no more of it. Petroleum and natural gas are pieces of the recipe that craft plastic bags, and as more time passes, there is less and less of it available.

1000 Years

The immediate question here is where such a number has any place for a benefit list, well the number has to do with plastic. Plastic itself takes roughly 1000 years to fully degrade and even when that process is complete it’s a process of photo-degradation, which in layman’s terms, means that they break down to pieces that have toxic characteristics.

Therefore, while they may eventually break down, they will still offer harm to the environment and anything that is around them once this process is complete. This also contributes toward global warming, an issue that continues to rise in threat and is getting recognition worldwide. This also means landfill space being absorbed more, and the quest for finding new places to dispose of trash to be more and more challenging.


From a shopper stance: convenience. While these bags contribute toward bigger and better things in the green sense, they also offer the shopper a simpler manner of carrying their goods. How often have you seen a split plastic bag, goods scattered all over, and an individual who is clearly not having a good day? This situation tends to be far more common than not. Additionally, some retail and grocery chains actually offer discounts and coupons to customers who use this kind of bag as a way of giving back and trying to encourage the going green movement.

A Better Tomorrow

Reusable plastic bags may not save the environment in their own right, but what they do is contribute toward a very real problem that needs to be addressed with the power of numbers behind it. Organizations like IceGreen whose goal is to improve the environment through providing re-usable bags might not be enough, we'll need a group effort to make a different.

Take your step toward a cleaner living today, and grant the world the chance to have a better tomorrow.

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How Does 3D Indoor Navigation Make Our Life Easy?

Just imagine you are standing in front of a ten storied building, where you have to attend a particular meeting within twenty minutes, you have no clue except for the name of the building, how will one reach to the desired spot within the time frame without being late?! What if your neighbor next door is sick, while you carry her to the hospital only to discover that you have too little time to figure out the emergency ward, and every delayed second will cost someone’s life? Taking another real life scenario, it’s not uncommon that we regularly get parted with our friends in a shopping mall or a railway station, while both the parties search of the other with delay in the overall schedule. Now the obvious answer to all this pain, used to be GPS tracking and that was the limit to the solution. But what one forgets to notice that, any GPS system simply helps one to locate the destination, once the destination is reached no further information is revealed, quite similar to maps.

Now the latest solution to all these series of problem is 3D Indoor navigation by Jibestream. Let’s discuss what is meant by this path breaking technology and how exactly it’s going to influence a common mans day to day life.

What 3D indoor navigation does is, it uses 3D floor plan of a building and provide it to real life. A virtual three dimensional model of each and every corner of the building including the doors, and windows, stairs and everything is displayed. The user can efficiently navigate through these; Indoor mapping is the backbone of 3D indoor navigation. This 3D indoor navigation technology is believed to change the entire idea of navigation systems.

In the past few decades the idea of navigation has gone topsy-turvy, what once seemed to be an endless hustle to follow maps with little relevant information. Today the world of navigation lies in the tip of our finger. With the introduction of 3D navigation we will be saving on one of the most important resource of ours, Time. Imagine how much time one can save if one has a clear view of the shortest path to follow inside a building. Or how about, if hours of navigating through the never ending shelves in the shopping mall leaving us all confused and tiered, is done within minutes via 3D indoor navigation. It will not only prevent chaos but also bring great deal of order in a common man’s life.

Everything comes at a price, so does this technology. But the price to be paid is not regrettable. 3D indoor navigation is also a boon to the community of blind people. Further improvising this technology by installing multiple sensors will do wonders.  In the forthcoming time, this technology will surely add an edge to the lives of people. No more knocking at the wrong door at the wrong time, it’s all in the tip of the finger.

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